Joyroom Headset Single Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone for Car white (JR-B01)

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Joyroom Headset Single Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone for Car (JR-B01) Talking on the phone while driving a car must be safe and legal. This is why a wireless Bluetooth earphone, being part of the handsfree set, will come in handy. Perfect quality of sound, sensitive microphone and high-capacity battery will let you safely and comfortably talk whiling driving. Joyroom JR-B01 is universal – it is compatible with all mobile phones which support Bluetooth connection. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Type: single wireless earphone Type of connection: Bluetooth V5.0 Standby time: about 140 hours Use time: 6 hours Power: 2 mW Material: ABS Weight: 8 g Battery: 85mAh Microphone sensitivity: -42 ± 3db Frequency range: 100-20 KHZ Content of the set: 1 x wireless Bluetooth earphone 1 x English and Chinese manual Major features: Compatible with all mobile phones which support Bluetooth Light and handy Skin-friendly fabric Composite membrane for top-quality sound Stable transmission thanks to Bluetooth V5.0 The ability to pair the headphones with two phones at once Safe phone calls during travel Thanks to the wireless earphone connected to phone via Bluetooth, you can talk safely and comfortably, with no distraction and fear of illegal conduct. Stable connection and sensitive microphone guarantee perfect quality of sound and lack of interference. The earphone is compatible with all mobile phones, you just need to pair it with your device. Light and handy structure Keeping earphones in the ear for a long time may lead to discomfort, yet it is not the case if you choose Joyroom JR-B01. Thanks to skin-friendly ABS, the use of the device is comfortable for the ear. Low weight and well-shaped profile let you use the earphone for many hours without any discomfort. Fabrics used to manufacture the product are also environmentally friendly. Connect two phones at the same time The Joyroom handset has a special feature for people who need to have two phones with them that they use alternately. Well, you can pair it with two phones at once. The handset will switch between them automatically. Long operation time The earphone is equipped with a high-capacity battery so that you can enjoy long-lasting standby and operation of the device. Do you plan a long-lasting journey? With Joyroom JR-B01, you can talk for 6 hours and forget about charging.